Hi there, nice to meet you!

Name: Amber Pelgrims
Birth: 02 - 12 - 1997
Home: Rijmenam, Belgium
Blog: Fashion & lifestyle

Welcome to The Comfy Creative, a personal blog started in 2015.
The main themes of The Comfy Creative are fashion & lifestyle.

I’m Amber, 19 years old and the founder of The Comfy Creative. I’m born in Vilvoorde (a city near Brussels) and have lived my whole life in Rijmenam. As a proud Rijmenammer, I love my town. (it’s the cutest and smallest town you’ll ever see. ;) )

I just finished high school and now I have decided to study journalism. My personal style is comfy-casual with a touch of ‘chique’.  I’m also very creative, so it didn’t take that long to choose a name that matches my personality. If you would ask my friends how they would describe or distinguish me, they would definitely say: ‘Amber van de filmpjes’ which means I’m into filming and editing a lot. When I'm not filming, I'm definitely photographing.  Everywhere I go, I take my phone with me and take many pictures.  I’m also addicted to television series, newspapers, food, events, hotspots, travelling, music and social media.

I really appreciate you for reading this. 
Thank you and please give some feedback on my blogposts, I love it!

See you soon on my social media accounts, Amber from the Comfy Creative.